Classic Series

Bringing rarity into the 21st century

What is a Classic Series Campaign Button? If you could step into a time machine and go back to the year 1900, the campaign buttons of the time were made with the highest quality materials. The the shell of the buttonn was then pressed onto a a collet and backpaper and a straignt spring pin was inserted into the collet rim. We have duplicated that process and that’s why we call it a Classic Series. It is a lot more time consuming to make these buttons by hand but they will become a rare part of history because of how they are made. With our buttons, a piece of clear mylar is placed on top of the image which is hand pressed onto shell. It is attached with a durable collet to make one of the strongest buttons available. The back paper, (a common procedure in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s to identify the manufacturers) has been brought back to life by adhering it to the back of the button on the back side of the shell. The copper spring pin holds the back paper, is glued to the back of the button. Fifty or one hundred years from now, these will be the buttons that will be worth the most becasue they are rare and hardly anyone makes them anymore.

Ever since the Inauguration of George Washington in 1789, presidential campaign buttons have been very popular for collectors and this enthusiasm continues to this day. There have been some campaign buttons that were made in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that sold for more than $30,000 each. The reason some of these buttons fetched so much money is because of a couple different reason.

1) Rarity – Many campaign buttons were made by third party manufacturers which were not part of the presidential campaigns of the time. In fact, some of the most expensive buttons of all time are not from the campaigns at all. The campaigns mass produced millions of buttons so they were classified as “commons”. The third-party manufacturers, made very few buttons and ironically it is those rare buttons that are worth the most. So, the rarity of the button is one factor that determines the future price decades later.

2) Quality – The next factor that determines a future price of a campaign button is the quality. Back in the 1800’s to early 1900s, each button was made by hand with the highest quality materials. Some of those buttons in mint condition still look new today. The reason they help up to time is because of the high-quality materials. We use only the highest quality materials made in the USA.

3) Commission them During a Presidential Campaign – Did you know that any button made from the time a candidate officially announces his/her intentions to run for president until the end of the presidential campaign (Election Day) become an official part of history and of that campaign cycle? Some of rarest buttons collectors look for are not even made by the candidate’s campaign but are made by third party manufacturers. We commission all the buttons we make and number the back of the button on high quality back paper to create a high quality button just like it was made in in early 1900’s.

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