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Ever since the 1789 Inauguration of George Washington, presidential memorabilia has been popular to collect and this enthusiasm continues to this day.

Back in 1789 during his inauguration, George Washington wore clothing buttons, each with an eagle on it. Dealers during that time period sold clothing buttons very similar to the ones worn by Washington so that the general population could have the opportunity to collect such items. This tradition of collecting political memorabilia is not only part of history the tradition lives on even today! If you or your family is lucky enough to own one of the original George Washington campaign buttons, know that some are worth up to $5,000 or more.

As you can see, collecting is not only fun, but it is profitable as well. If you currently sell presidential memorabilia or would like to start selling it, we offer one of the most straight forward dealerships on the market.

We are going to have one of the largest lines of 2020 Presidential Hopeful, Presidential Candidates, 2020 Special Interest buttons, and Anti – Trump buttons available. We are adding 15-20 new buttons each week and will have one of the largest selections available.

You can also buy a 10-Pack Sample or 20-Pack Sample to see our quality. These samples contain a variety of different color and designs.

There are Three Ways to Buy Wholesale

#1 – Use the Shopping cart with build in quantity discounts

If you want a lot of the same buttons, just use our on-line shipping cart. We already have wholesale pricing listed on all of our 2020 Campaign Buttons. Just find an individual button you are interested in and you can see the bulk wholesale pricing under each product. This is great is you would like to order many of the same button for campaign rallies or events. Just order the amount you would like to have and the bulk discounting will automatically compute your discount. (See below)


#2 – Mix and Match Wholesale Pricing On-Line

The Bulk Discounting with the shopping cart for Campaign Rallies and Special events is good if you want to purchase many of the same button. However, what if you wanted to purchase several different types of buttons but not 50 or 100 each? This is our most popular option and it is unlike any other dealership available. Our Dealer pricing is very simple. Your discount is based on your opening order. If you spend $400 on your opening order, your cost per button is .60 each. If you spend $50 on your opening order, your cost is $1.00 each. Anytime you make a purchase

#3 – Send a text to Robert at 904-631-8499 and request a personal dealer account.

Sometimes people like to have a more personal business relationship so we also offer working directly with the dealers. Simple contact us and let us know you would like to become a dealer and let us know about how much volume you might possibly spend each year. Based on your amounts, we can negotiate a special discount specifically for your company. Anytime you want to place an order, just send us a list of product numbers and we will ship your items and bill you from there.

Quick Pointers for Faster Processing

We don’t mind if you order 2, 4, or 10 of each item when ordering wholesale, however it may take a couple days for processing and it will delay your order.  Our equipment processes products in multiples of 12. So, if you order 2 or 3 of a specific item, we have to stop our process and there will be left over inventory which slows things down. To speed up your order processing, try to order all products in multiples of 12. We will normally ship those orders the same day or next day.

Please order only individual buttons and not sets. The sets are already discounted for users to buy them.

There is a one time shipping cost of $8.50 for orders less than $100 and there is a $12.50 charge for all other order amounts.

The minimum order is $50.


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Safe and Secure shopping guarantee

We want you to have peace of mind when shopping at our company. If you need help, just send us a message and we will walk you through the process. As soon as we receive your first order, we will process it and ship our a dealer welcome package. Thank you

shipping presidential election

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