2016 Registered Voter Limited Edition Lapel Pin (Made in the USA)

You can see the beauty and craftsmanship by looking at the front view. Made in the USA.

Collecting Historical and Political Memorabilia

Ever since the 1789 Inauguration of George Washington, presidential memorabilia has been popular to collect, and this enthusiasm continues to this day. Many of these fine collectibles have become family heirlooms and have been passed down from generation to generation, while some historical items have made their way into museums and historical centers across the country.

Back in 1789 during his inauguration, George Washington wore clothing buttons, each with an eagle on it. Vendors during that time sold clothing buttons very similar to the ones worn by Washington so that the general population could have the opportunity to collect such items. This tradition of collecting political memorabilia is not only part of history it is a tradition that lives on even today. If you or your family is lucky enough to own one of the original George Washington campaign buttons, know that some are worth up to $5,000 or more.

As you can see, collecting is not only fun, but it is profitable as well! The election of 1896 saw the creation of the first celluloid political campaign pin back buttons. The Golden Era of campaign buttons from 1896 to 1916 saw some of the highest quality campaign buttons come on the market. We have many of these rare pieces on our website. In the last 20-50 years, however, the candidates discovered that people all over the country collect campaign buttons, so they all started mass producing them in huge quantities during each election cycle. These have become the heart of all Presidential campaigns ever since. While there have been some fine items made in the last 50 years, very few of the campaign buttons or pins matched the quality of the buttons produced during the Golden Era.

This is all about to change and PresidentialElection.com, a non-partisan, national get-out-the-vote and presidential information center since 1998, has a tradition of high quality and excellent service. The bearer of this certificate for the 2016 Registered Voter Lapel Pin can be assured that we have exceeded the industry highest quality standards. This beautiful 1.5 inch gold electroplated lapel pin will make a wonderful addition to any collection and if you are just starting, this will be a great way to get started in the industry. We took no shortcuts on this fine item and everything from the die cast, to the kiln fused glass center dome, to the box and packaging are all made in the USA.

This process is hardly ever heard of in the industry because of the expense and time involved with the process of making each item. Further, every Registered Voter lapel pin comes with a matching numbered certificate of authenticity which has a gold foil seal and authorized signature to guarantee it authenticity. This is not only a very strong and beautiful piece, we are letting you know upfront that this is not cloudy acrylic or cheap resin like most companies use for the centers, our center piece is made of real fused glass and if you drop glass on a hard surface floor, it can break.

This magnificent item is proudly Made in the United States and will be limited to the number manufactured until Election Day 2016. When Election Day arrives, we will announce the 2020 collectible pin and will continue in this tradition for the next 100 years.

There is no better time to start collecting presidential and historical memorabilia than now. As long as you can keep it in a dry, safe, smoke-free environment, your items will grow in value year after year.