Donald Trump Whole Button Display (RETAIL-TRUMP-701)

Donald Trump Wholesale Button Display for Retailers (Earn an extra $800+ pr/mo)


Product Description

This beautiful Donald Trump for President 2020 retail button display (RETAIL-TRUMP-701) can earn your retail company several hundred dollars a week in additional sales by placing it at the check out counter. The complete display comes with (24) 6-Pack buttons (144 buttons total plus display) professionally packed in high quality poly bags so they can be sold as individual items. The retail display retails for $15 and each wholesale refill set of 6 are yours for a cost of $4 each. This discounted pricing structure is only available to retailers that purchased a retail display. Each 6-Pack retails for $12.97 which gives you a profit of $8.97 per 6-pack unit. Once the first 24 6-packs are purchased by customers, it will yield $215.28 in profit. Once you run out of the first 24, you can purchase additional 24 pack refills for $4 each or $96. The retail price on the 24 pack refills are $12.97 X 24  = $311.28. All buttons are 100% authentic and Made in the USA. Manufactured and commissioned by Presidential Election Historical Center, Jacksonville, FL 32255.

Earn up to an extra $800+ per month with your beautiful point of purchase button displays. A point of purchase item (POP) is a system where a sales transaction occurs that entices a potential buyer to make an immediate decision to purchase a product they otherwise would not purchase. On a basic level, a point of purchase may be a mall, health club, antique shop, a retail store, or anywhere people are interested in specific buttons that can build their business. Retailers consider a point of purchase (POP) to be the location of checkout, which in any retail or on-line store. It is also known as the “point of sale.”


Notes: 24 Pack Refills can be purchased for $96 pus shipping. Please allow 7 days for shipping on first order as each display is custom made. Refills will be shipped within 2 business days of receiving your order. Complete display is shipped assembled right out of the box. For 24 pack refills, see item number (REFILL-TRUMP-701)


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