Herbalife nutrition club button display case with 120 buttons for distributors - (HERBAL-CASE-701)
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Herbalife nutrition club button display case with 120 buttons for distributors – (HERBAL-CASE-701)


Product Description

This Beautiful Herbalife nutrition club button display case is the ultimate marketing tool for new distributors. The set includes a professional display case with buttons displayed on the front and (20) 6-pack packages of marketing buttons sealed in a Mylar bag. Each button is $1 and each display case includes a total of 120 buttons. Ships completely assembled right out of the box.
The most effective marketing tool for new Herbalife distributors are the “call to action” MLM buttons. What better way to get a new distributor started by giving them a beautiful six pack of buttons professionally packaged to new distributors. By purchasing refills of (20) 6-packs each, you get the wholesale price of $1 per button which is also a great way to resupply your existing distributors. Distribute them as 6-packs or as individual buttons.
This display case abides by all Herbalife rules because you’re not selling anything from the display case. You’re giving them away to a potential new distributor to increase your cash flow on your downline. Herbalife encourages all club owners to distribute as many buttons as possible and what better way to do it by having this professionally packaged display case behind your counter. Just one new distributor can pay for the entire display case many times over. If your existing distributors need more buttons, the six packs retail for $12 each.
This set features all the best sellers from series 701 and features Lose Weight Now Button, Ask me how button, Fire your Boss Now, Ask Me How, Own your own life now, I love what I do how about you?, Fire your boss now, and blue lose weight now ask me how buttons. Each button measures 2.25” and is in excellent condition front and back. We use the highest-grade materials and each button is 100% Made in the USA.
Retail value of the display case $15 plus (20) 6-packs of buttons is $255. Your wholesale cost: $135



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