White House Police Badges on spectacular mounted plaque

White House Police Badges on spectacular mounted plaque


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White House Police Badges spectacular mounted with plaque – Offered here is an amazing 16 x 20” shield shaped wooden board with seven badges mounted  around an engraved brass plaque at center. A curbed brass plaque at the top of the shield is inscribed: POLICE BADGES OF THE WHITE HOUSE.  The plaque at center bears a multi-[color Presidential Seal and the following inscription:
“The White House Police was created by an Act of Congress on July 1, 1922, at the request of President warren G. Harding. It became operational on October 1, 1922,  with a total of thirty-three Officers. These Officers were furnished by the Metropolitan Police Force of the District of Columbia and the United States Park Police.”
“Over the years the Force has grown in size and mandated responsibilities. As a result of these added responsibilities, the name of the Force has under-gone two changes: The Executive Protective Service from 1970 to 1978; and the ±United States Secret Service Uniformed Division from 1978 to the present.”
“The badges displayed on this plaque were reproduced from the original dies and are a complete collection of the Police Badges of the White House.”
Around this plaque are displayed seven different style badges and their years of use identified below. Beginning at top left, they are as follows: (1) 1922-1940; (2) 1940-1951; (3) 1951-1963; (4) 1963-1968; (5) 1968-1968; (6) 1969-1970 & (7) 1970-1978.

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