The easiest way to register to vote in Georgia is to register on-line at the State of Georgia web site. (Best option)

You can also fill out the national voter registration form at the bottom of this page provided by Presidential as a free public service. (You will have to mail it in)

To use the Online Voter Registration System (Best way) you must have a valid drivers license or identification card issued by GA Department of Driver Services (DDS) with signature on file with DDS. If you do not have a valid drivers license or identification card, the link below will allow you to manually submit a paper registration.

You may use this system to (1) Register to vote in Georgia or (2) change your name and/or address on your current registration record.

Registration Instructions:

  1. Fill in all of the required fields on the application which are identified with a leading asterisk ‘ * ‘
  2. You are not officially registered to vote until this application is approved.
  3. You should receive an acknowledgment within two to four weeks after submitting or mailing your registration. Please contact your local county registration office if you have not received any information from them by then.

Should I Ever Give My Social Security Number Out On-Line?

No, you shouldn’t. In our on-line Voter Registration Section, some states such as Hawaii, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio, and New Mexico, may ask for your social security number to prevent fraudulent registration and voting.

At no time does need your Social Security number for any reason. In the states that request a social security number for processing, we have added a safety feature in the description “If you do not want to type in your Social Security number in this form for security reasons, you can leave it blank. When you print your form to mail, you will still have the option to write it in manually before you mail in your registration application if your state requires it. We recommend typing in just the first three numbers and writing the rest in by hand after printing.. The referenced states may need that information to process your application. If you have any questions about any fields, just point your curser at the question mark beside each field.