Presidential Memorabilia Center

Presidential memorabilia has been cherished by collectors since the first days of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The mission of The Presidential Memorabilia Center is to preserve the heritage and integrity of every American president and the presidential memorabilia associated with each particular president.

In addition, we have live inventory tracking on all the products listed so you can see what is available in real time. We have also created an infrastructure that allows collectors such as museums, facilitators of presidential libraries, and even mom-and-pop collectors or the average person to sell or purchase items that otherwise would be very difficult to find. In today's market, the short list of examples that collectors gather comprise everything from artwork to flags, coins, campaign buttons, clothing, postcards, automobiles, stamps, presidential signatures, maps, historical prints, newspapers, glassware, antiques, and inaugural medals. Unlike the vital stock market, items from past presidencies increase their value year after year, making them not only fun to collect, but also a good investment.

Collecting political, historical, and presidential memorabilia is not only an exciting industry, it is also a billion-dollar industry with rewards for collectors and dealers alike. Our collectible and historical product area makes it easy to find, buy, and sell items in a few simple steps. If you are looking to sell your complete collection of presidential memorabilia or artifacts, please let us know.

Campaign Buttons and Pins

Looking for a great gift idea from a part of history that is affordable? Check out our vintage presidential campaign button memorabilia...

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Documents and Signatures

Presidential signatures hold their value throughout the years and we want to give you the opportunity to own a unique piece of history...

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Presidential Campaign Posters

Looking for memorabilia from the 1800's that is part of history? Our original campaign poster section has something for everyone...

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Registered Voter Pin

This beautiful 1.5 inch diameter 24kt gold electroplated lapel pin will make a wonderful addition to any collection...

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Inaugural Medals

Presidential Inaugural Medals have a long history in the United States. The tradition can be traced back to first...

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Bumper Stickers

A vintage political bumper sticker is an adhesive label or sticker with a message, intended to be attached to the bumper...

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Historical Prints

Looking for a great print of your favorite president to hang on your wall? You can get a full glossy 8" X 10" photo poster and support out Historical Center for $15. As with everything on the site, shipping is free!

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Historical Books

A beautiful selection of historical books from as early as the 1600's.

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