Presidential Bumper Stickers

A presidential bumper sticker is a historical adhesive sticker, label, or glued paper with a political message intended to promote a particular presidential or political candidate. Bumper stickers vary in size but most of the older ones are much larger than their newer counterparts. Most newer political bumper stickers are made of PVC are generally rectangle, square, round, and oval. Many of the older ones were made out of heavy stock paper.

Political Bumper stickers can be funny, serious, very offensive, or just make a statement. For decades, people have been collecting political bumper stickers and they increase in value over the years. Some of the stickers below are very rare and hard to find. In general, the more rare and harder to find a sticker is, the more expensive it becomes. Political bumper stickers are a great way to add to any existing collection or are great to collect on their own. We have over 7,000 bumper stickers in stock and we will be adding them to this section over the next few months. If you have a particular sticker you are looking for or would like to sell your bumper stickers, please let us know.

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