Nixon White House Christmas Card Gift Print, 1972

Nixon White House Christmas Card Gift Print, 1972 – 11 x 13 3/4″ red velour folder with a blank embossed Presidential eagle on the front. Mint condition. Inside is a transparent sheet printed in gold: “Theodore Roosevelt by John Singer Sargent. Theodore Roosevelt posed on a White House stairway for this 1905 portrait by John Singer Sargent. The painting now hangs in the Red Room and is one of the finest Presidential portraits in the White House Collection. Roosevelt preferred it. In 1918 he wrote, “I care even more for the Sargent, which seems to me to have a singular quality, a blend of both the spiritual and the heroic.” With our best wishes. The President and Mrs. Nixon At Christmas 1972.

White House Police Badges on spectacular mounted plaque

White House Police Badges spectacular mounted with plaque – Offered here is an amazing 16 x 20” shield shaped wooden board with seven badges mounted around an engraved brass plaque at center. A curbed brass plaque at the top of the shield is inscribed: POLICE BADGES OF THE WHITE HOUSE. The plaque at center bears a multi-[color Presidential Seal and the following inscription: “The White House Police was created by an Act of Congress on July 1, 1922, at the request of President warren G. Harding. It became operational on October 1, 1922, with a total of thirty-three Officers. These Officers were furnished by the Metropolitan Police Force of the District of Columbia and the United States Park Police.”

Victor D. Brenner Plaque Abraham Lincoln with rare original green marble

Victor D. Brenner Plaque Abraham Lincoln with rare original green marble, 1907. Cunningham 24-060Bz. Smedley 83; King 1146 var.. 9 ½ x 7 1/8”. Bronze. Victor D. Brenner, Sc. Lower left edge marked: S. KLABER & CO./ FOUNDERS, N.Y. Uniface. Choice Uncirculated. Profile of Lincoln to the right. In exergue: ABRAHAM LINCOLN/ * * * 1809 * 1865 * *. Along the right side is the vertical inscription: COPYRIGHT 1907 BY V.D. BRENNER