Political Issues: Affirmative Action

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Anti Affirmative Action – Recently, many people have had a problem with affirmative action. Its unfair rules and just the whole definition are outrageous. Affirmative action is the concept of creating equality for minorities by making all companies balance them out in the workplace.

Anti Affirmative Action – Ward Connerly, the California businessman who launched successful anti-affirmative-action campaigns in nearly 10 states, was unsuccessful in his latest attempt to thwart a Berkeley, Calif., student-assignment plan to promote diversity in its schools.

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Pro Affirmative Action – Affirmative Action levels the playing field so people of color and all women have the chance to compete in education and in business.

Pro Affirmative Action – At the University of Texas Law School, Latino/a student enrollment has been cut in half since affirmative action programs were outlawed in 1995.

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Non Partisan Affirmative Action – As the historiography of the civil rights movement has shifted from analysis of broad themes and events to the study of the grassroots level, the significance of the records of groups such as the Non-Partisan Voters League has increased.

Non Partisan Affirmative Action – While universities may be bound by affirmative action in employment in their role as federal contractors, there are no explicit federal policies regarding Affirmative Action in university admissions.

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