Political Issues: Education

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Important Education Related Issues

Education – Education Development Center (EDC) is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing learning and promoting health.

External Education Related Issues

Education – Provides information about the Department’s offices, programs, information and assistance services, funding opportunities, education …

Education – Education.com provides expert advice, features, columns, thousands of reference articles, and a community for parents of pre-school to high school students.

National Standards, School Policy, Tech Trends, School Reform, Health, and Child Development
http://www.education.com/topic/current-education-issues/ – Learn more about how schools will comply with new national standards, how new classroom technology will change how teachers teach and students learn and articles that explore child development issues, from gender to the importance of play.

The Center for Education Reform
It is the mission of the Center for Education Reform to accelerate the growth of the education reform movement in ways that make available to families new and meaningful choices, give parents fundamental power over their childrens education, and allow teachers and schools to innovate in ways that transform student learning.

StudentsFirst is a nonprofit organization fighting for one purpose: to make sure every student in America has access to great schools and great teachers. We are driven by the belief that every child regardless of background can succeed  if put in the right school environment. And every day we work to build an education system that makes this possible.

Students for Education Reform
SFER (Students for Education Reform) is a student-led movement that champions educational equity for all children, regardless of race or background. SFER organizes students to be a powerful force for K-12 education policy and political
change, through campus chapters that work at the national, state, and local levels to advocate for great teachers and quality school choices for all kids.

Democrats for Education Reform
We are Democrats leading a political reform organization that cultivates and supports leaders in our party who champion Americas public schoolchildren.

The Kresge Foundation
http://kresge.org/ The Kresge Foundation is a $3.5 billion private, national foundation that works to expand opportunities in America’s cities through grant making and investing in arts and culture, education, environment, health, human services, and community development.