Political Issues: Tax Reform


Tax reform is the process of changing the way taxes are collected or managed by the government.

Important Tax Reform Issues

Tax Reform – Americans for Tax Reform – ATR leads the fight to continue to bring tax relief to Americans, and works to stop new avenues of taxation, such as the Streamlined Sales Tax Proposal (SSTP) and Internet taxation. Americans for Tax Reform strongly supports the concept of a single rate, flat tax, and works to reduce the number of times the same money is taxed.

Tax Reform – Capitol Watch Grassroots organization lobbies Congress on behalf of American taxpayers and against higher taxes and wasteful spending.

Tax Reform – Citizens for Limited Taxation and Government A grassroots taxpayer organization.

External Links to Tax Reform

Tax Reform – Heritage Foundation: Taxation Research Collection of articles and links concerning tax research.

Tax Reform – Advocating for a national, single rate, flat income tax.