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We offer a full-line of Political Website development packages and include free political campaign buttons to match your logo with every purchase. If you are running a political campaign, need a website and thought about purchasing a template or generic package from someone that knows nothing about the business, you will just be throwing your money away when you could have selected a company that specializes in all aspects of political development and design.

Getting Started with a Logo

A professional political website begins with a professional logo. We recommend a logo that matches a campaign button with your picture on it. For instance, our logo looks a little like a presidential seal, but it is unique to our company banding. (See below)

Professional Logo Design Services



What’s interesting about starting with a logo that is round is that we can match it to your campaign buttons. You can either sell campaign buttons to raise money or you can give them away for free as promotional items. The best news is, we manufacturer campaign buttons and there are free ones included I every package. Below are some sample designs that take a logo and turn it into a campaign button.

If you only need a professional logo, we can create one for you in just a few short days. Our fee is $299 and your logo will include 50 professional buttons that match your logo. These are great to wear or give away as promotional items.  If you would like to reorder additional promotional buttons, you can do so on a wholesale level. Once you place your order, we will be in touch with you for your ideas. Once we have your ideas and a high-resolution photo of yourself, we will create a draft of the logo and go back and forth until you are 100% satisfied. Once the logo is completed, we will send you the vector file and mail you your 50 free campaign buttons.

Organic Search

By meticulously focusing on excellent content, creating the correct directory structure, and following the search engine rules with proven optimization techniques, you can get an abundance of FREE organic search engine traffic every day. Our designers


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