Alton B. Parker

Alton B. Parker campaign buttons make any collection complete. Alton Brooks Parker (May 14, 1852 to May 10, 1926) was an American judge, best known as the conservative Democrat who lost the presidential election of 1904 to incumbent Theodore Roosevelt in a landslide.

Alton Parker 1904 Running Mate: Henry G. Davis
Convention: Chicago, IL

Having lost in both 1896 and 1900 with William J, Bryan as their candidate, the Democratic Party decided to go with Alton B. Parker as their candidate. Alton Parker was the widely respected Chief Judge of the New York Supreme Court of Appeals. The Democrats nominated multi-millionaire Henry Davis of West Virginia as Vice-President in hopes he would fund the campaign. He did not. What hurt Parker the most was he was up against the most energetic and exciting president the US has ever known, Theodore Roosevelt. Parkers campaign lacked any great themes or slogans. Therefore, most Parker buttons featured head shots of Parker paired with generic patriotic symbols such as eagles, Uncle Sam, and Lady Liberty.

In his Encyclopedia of Political Buttons Ted Hake states Alton Parker buttons reflect lack of campaign

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