Hillary Clinton Collectors Set of 12 Best Sellers (HCLINTON-COL-ALL)



Hillary Clinton for President Set of 12 Campaign Buttons which include Elect Hillary Clinton for President gold button, Uniting America Clinton 2020 with Clinton in front of flag, Hillary Clinton for President 2020 white and blue button, White Uniting America Hillary 2020, For President Clinton 2020 white button with red and blue lettering, For President Hillary Clinton with gold stars campaign button, Clinton 2020 Gold and Blue button, Hillary Clinton H2O, Hillary Clinton For President, Patriotic For President, Red Uniting America Hillary 2020, and For President 2020 Hillary Clinton white and blue button with red bottom stripe.  Each button measures 2.25” and is in excellent condition front and back. We use the highest-grade materials and each button is 100% Made in the USA.


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