Anti Trump Campaign Buttons Collector’s Set of 24 – (ANTITR-COLL-24)



If you are looking for the ultimate Anti Trump Collector’s set, look no further. This set contains 24 of the best selling Anti Trump campaign buttons. 
The 24 pack set includes the following buttons: Trump Worst President Ever, No Trump in 2020, Full of Lies Black and Orange, Dump Trump in 2020, Women against Trump, and Resist Trump in 2020. Full of Lies, Impeach Trump 2020, Trump Articles of Impeachment, Not my President, Anti Trump in 2020, and No Trump buttons, We need the Trump Taped, Nope, Fired in 2020, Keep Calm Trump is Almost Gone, Stop the Madness and Dump Trump. Also included is a free Stop using Twitter anti Trump button, and many more! 
Each button measures 2.25” and is in excellent condition front and back. We use the highest-grade materials and each button is 100% Made in the USA.


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